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Toni Jane Snoxell

South Africa | Qatar

Toni Snoxel is a South African trained physiotherapist with 12 years of experience working predominantly with elite and professional athletes in all sporting codes. Prior to joining Aspetar in 2018, I worked as the Team Physiotherapist for the Golden Lions Rugby Union. During that time, injury prevention was a key focus of my daily routine, and I implemented numerous successful injury prevention strategies specifically for ACL, hamstring, groin, ankle and exercise induced cramping. Since joining Aspetar, I have worked with athletic and non-athletic populations in both female and male departments. I have a special interest in Sports Performance and am supplementing this interest with a masters in Strength and Condition from St Mary’s University in Twickenham. The program has reinforced my belief that consistent strengthening is vital in preventing injuries regardless of the level or type of sport.

Toni Jane Snoxell
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