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The official programme of the #AFCMedConQatar will be announced soon!

The Scientific Planning Committee will meet in September 2022 to finalise the the educational and engaging Scientific Programme.

160+ topics and 115+ speakers for 3-day Conference

 2 Pre-Conference Activities & 1 Cadaver Workshop


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Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Guided Injection Workshop
2 -3 March 2023 | Aspetar Sports Surgery Training Centre 


Activity code: HGI-03-P108

Credits: 8.50 credit hours

Accreditation Statement: This activity is an Accredited Group Learning Activity (Category 1) as defined by the Department of Healthcare Professions -  Accreditation Section (DHP-AS) and is approved for a maximum of 8.50 hours.

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Sports Physiotherapy Course
3 March 2023
Aspire Academy - Football Performance Centre


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Cadaver Workshop:  Review of Functional Anatomy  - Wrist, Ankle, and Knee

5 March 2023
Aspetar Sports Surgery Training Centre 


  1. Live demonstration on cadaver of the anatomy:  Wrist, knee, and ankle

  2. Review anatomy and correlate with biomechanical functions

  3. Review the kinematics of the ligaments and muscles

  4. Live ACL reconstruction: demonstration on cadaver

    • Discuss and review the function of the ACL

    • Goals in reconstruction

    • Basic standard techniques of ACL reconstruction

    • Discussion of Graft Choice for ACL reconstruction

  1. Live Ankle reconstruction: demonstration on cadaver

    • Discuss ligaments of the ankle and review functions

    • Standard ankle reconstruction both open and arthroscopic techniques

    • Review concerns with chronic injuries and cartilage lesions


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