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Dr Alessandro Nanussi


Dentist, specialized in Sports Dentistry, 2022 President of the Italian Association of Gnathology and Orofacial Pain. Past-president of the Italian Society of Sports Dentistry, Board of European Association For Sport Dentistry.

Freelancer in Milan, at Studio Skysmile, associated with Dr. Cristian Coraini. Referent of the Sport Odontostomatology and Cranio-mandibular Biomechanics Service at the Italian Dental Institute in Milan. Visiting professor at the University of Milan-Bicocca, head of the course in “ Analog and virtual articulators” and “Epidemiological data analysis”. Lecturer at the SOMA Osteopathic Institute, course in Clinical Dentistry and Gnathology. Co-author of the text “Odontoiatria e Sport" (Edi-Ermes), author of international publications.

Dr Alessandro Nanussi
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