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Konstantinos Epameinontidis

Greece | Qatar

Konstantinos has been “torturing” orthopedic patients for more than 20 years. He graduated from physiotherapy school in Greece in 1999 and also holds a BSc in Health Sciences from Leeds Metropolitan University. Since his graduation he has been a full-time clinician with a special focus on sports injuries. In 2008, he affiliated with Sports Clinic Thessaloniki and focused on post-operative rehabilitation following advance cartilage repair procedures. In 2013 he moved to Qatar and ASPETAR Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Hospital, where he still works as a senior sports physiotherapist. He is also a PhD student at the university of Kent (UK) and his research work focuses on the use of wearable technology in the on-field biomechanical assessment of “unhappy knees” of football players after knee surgery. Other research and clinical interests include the use of blood flow restriction training on patients with lower limb musculoskeletal problems and optimal loading strategies following cartilage repair surgery.

He is in a constant state of struggle to achieve an acceptable level of fitness. He likes playing tennis and basketball but nothing compares to a long mountain hike in the summer…"

Konstantinos Epameinontidis
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