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Shaima Al Khaldi


Shaima Al Khaldi is the Director of scientific support department. She joined the organisation in September 2010. She has over 10 years’ experience both as a clinical and sports dietician. Ms. Shaima holds both a Bachelor Degree in Food Science and Nutrition from the College of Science University of Qatar and a Sports Nutrition Diploma from the International Olympic Committee.

Her experience includes her role in the Leadership and Talent Management Project by the Executive Office of His Highness the Personal Representative of the Emir, 6 years’ as an adult and paediatric patient dietician in Hamad Medical Corporation and since 2010 as Sports and Clinical Dietician at Aspetar. As the Director of scientific support department, Ms. Shaima Al Khaldi vision is to promote the high performance and support of athlete thru an international team of expert, world-class physicians and scientists qualified in physiology, psychology, performance nutrition and podiatry.

Shaima Al Khaldi
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