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Enda King

Ireland | Qatar

Enda King is Head of Elite Performance and Development at the renowned FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence Aspetar, Qatar. He combines his clinical and research work through the use of 3D biomechanics and high-level residential rehabilitation to optimise performance and efficient recovery after injury. Through is background as a sports physiotherapist, strength and conditioning coach, researcher, and educator he has worked with individual athletes and elite teams across a spectrum of sports and disciplines including rugby, premier league and international football, AFL, NBA, NFL, UFC and equine sports. His greatest areas of expertise lies within hip and groin related injury, as well as knee / ACL rehabilitation, and he is committed to performing innovative research to develop robust methods for injury prevention and rehabilitation in elite sport. Enda has over 40 peer-reviewed publications and regularly travels to speak at international conferences and consult with elite teams on Athletic Groin Pain, ACL Return To Play and Return To Performance After Injury.

Enda King
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