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Dr Yacine Zerguini

Algeria | FIFA & CAF

• Senior Consultant Sport Traumatology, Knee Surgery, Arthroscopy
• Chairman: FIFA Medical Center of Excellence – Algiers, Algeria
• Chairman, CMO : Algerian FA Medical Committee FAF
• Deputy-Chairman : ANOCA African National Olympic Association
Medical Committee
• Member : FIFA Medical Committee
• CAF Medical Officer
• FIFA Instructor
• Expert FIFA Diploma
• CAF Medical Officer – CAF Cup of Nations : Mali2002, Tunisia2004,
Egypt2006, Ghana2008, Angola2010
• FIFA General Medical Officer - FIFA U-17 World Cup : Egypt1995,
Peru2005, Nigeria2009, Mexico2011, UAE2013, Chile2015
• FIFA General Medical Officer - FIFA U-20 World Cup : Nigeria1999, Argentina2001, UAE2003, Canada2007, Egypt2009, Turkey2013
• FIFA Medical Officer - FIFA World Cup : France1998, Korea-Japan2002, Germany2006, SouthAfrica2010, Brazil2014, Russia 2018
• FIFA/IOC Medical Officer – Olympic Football Tournament : Athens2008 (Volos), London2012 (Manchester), Rio2016 (Brasilia)

• GAMETS: Groupe Algérien de Médecine et Traumatologie du Sport
• GACGA: Groupe Algérien de Chirurgie du Genou et d’Arthroscopie
• ISAKOS : International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine
• Program Committee for the 3rd International Football Medicine Conference 2010 Sun City – South Africa
• Organizing and Scientific Committee : 1st Consensus Meeting on Ramadan and Football Doha (Qatar) 25-26 November 2011

Current Researches:
• Guidelines for ECG interpretation in black football players (september 2010 in gabon. co-investigator with Dr christian Schmied)
• Age determination by MRI of wrist in non-elite female football players of different ethnics (in charge of african part –Tanzania)
• Comparative prospective study for matches injuries in 4 professional leagues in algeria, ghana, nigeria and qatar during 2011 -2012 season
• Medical Database in Sport and Cloud Technology

Last Publications:
Ramadan and football
Yacine Zerguini; Jiri Dvorak Journal of Sports Sciences Issue S3 December 2008 , page S1

Influence of Ramadan fasting on physiological and performance variables in football players: Summary of the F-MARC 2006 Ramadan fasting study
Yacine Zerguini; Jiri Dvorak; Ronald J. Maughan; John B. Leiper; Zakia Bartagi; Donald T. Kirkendall; Masoud Al-Riyami;Astrid Junge, pages S3 – S6

Cardiac findings in the pre-competition medical assessment of football players participating in the 2009 African Under-17 Championships in Algeria
Schmied C, Zerguini Y, Junge A, Tscholl P, Pellicia A, Mayosi B, Dvorak J Br J Sport Med 43: 716-721

Etude des Blessures lors d'une Compétition National Africaine de Football - A propos du Championnat EPFKIN 2006-2007 à Kinshasa (RD Congo).
Yacine Zerguini, Jean-Pierre Bungu Kakala, Astrid Junge, Jiri Dvorak J Traumatol Sport 2010;27:171-176.

The Athlete’s Heart in Adolescent Africans: An Electrocardiographic and Echocardiographic Study
Fernando M. Di Paolo, MD,* Christian Schmied, MD,† Yacine A. Zerguini, MD,‡
Astrid Junge, PHD,§ Filippo Quattrini, MD,* Franco Culasso, PHD,¶ Jiri Dvorak, MD,§
Antonio Pelliccia, MD*
Rome, Italy; Zurich, Switzerland; and Algiers, Algeria – Journal of American College of Cardiology, JACC Vol. 59, No. 11, 2012 March 13, 2012:1029–36

Journal of Sports Sciences: Volume 30 _ Number s1 _ 2012 _ issn 0264-0414.
Supplementary issue: Ramadan and Football.
Edited by Ronald j. Maughan, Yacine Zerguini, Hakim Chalabi and Jiri Dvorak

Dr Yacine Zerguini
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