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Dr Michiko Dohi-Tashima


Dr. Michiko is currently the Chairperson of the AFC Medical Committee, a FIFA and AFC Medical Officer covering FIFA and AFC Competitions. She is also the Team Doctor of the Men's and Women's Japan National Team.

Education Achievements as follows:
Mar. 1991 Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Chiba University
Jun. 1991 Resident, Department of Radiology, Jikei University
Jan. 1994 Assistant, Department of Radiology, Jikei University
Aug. 1994 Scholar of French Government in Service Hospitalier Ferederic Joliot, Committee of
Atomic Energy
Jul. 1996 Assistant, Department above
Dec. 2002 Radiologist, Department of Sports Medicine, Japan Institute of Sports Sciences
Jan. 2004 Development Officer of Sports Medicine, Asian Football Confederation
Jan. 2006 Associated director, Department of Sports Medicine, Japan Institute of Sports Sciences
Oct.  2012~ Deputy Department Director, Sports Medical Center, Japan Institute of Sports Sciences

Certificates and qualifications
May 1991 Medical license
Sep. 1997~ Board of Japan Radiological Societ(number: 2998)
Sep. 1999 Doping Control Officer of Japan Professional football league
Dec. 2000~ AFC accredited Medical officer
May 2002 Doctor of Medicine
Jul. 2002~ FIFA accredited Medical officer
Oct. 2002 Japan Sports Association accredited Sports Doctor
Jul. 2006~ Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) Medical Staff
Mar. 2006~ Doping Control Officer of Japan Anti-Doping Agency (JADA)

 Team Doctor of men and women’s football national team
 Team Doctor of Rio de Janeiro, London and Beijing Olympic national delegation
 Team Doctor of men’s Gymnastic national team
 Team Doctor of men’s Fencing national team Committee:
 Member of FIFA Medical Committee
 Member of AFC Medical Committee, AFC TUE Committee (Chairperson)
 Member of IOC Sport and Active Society Commission
 Member of FIMS Scientific Commission
 Member of JFA Medical Committee, Head of JFA Anti- Doping subcommittee
 Chairperson of Japan Fencing Federation (FJE) Medical Committee
 Member of Japan Olympic Committee Medical Subcommittee
 Member of TUE Committee of Japan Anti-Doping Agent
 Member of Japan Weightlifting Association Anti-Doping Committee
 Member of Japan Tennis Association Technical Support Committee
 Member of Japan Golf Association Medical subcommittee

 Counselor of Japanese Society of Clinical Sports Medicine
 Executive Committee member of FJE
 Board of Directors of the Japan Society for Low Temperature Medicine
 TUE panel of FIFA and AFC
 FIFA and AFC instructor

Dr Michiko Dohi-Tashima
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