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Dr John George

India | UAE

Dr George John is a highly accomplished, innovative and exceptionally well regarded Consultant Sports Medicine Doctor and Orthopaedic Surgeon based in the UAE. Having been associated with FIFA, International Rugby Board (IRB), ATP/ WTA Tennis, ICC Cricket, WBF Boxing etc, the consultant to Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible in 2011, the World Cup Rugby 7’s doctor over a series of 11 years, the personal sports doctor and surgeon to huge sporting names such as Rodger Federer, Wayne Rooney, Manny Pacquiao, Amir Khan, Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic, Alexander Trent (Liverpool), Antonio Rudiger ( Chelsea) etc he is widely accepted as a leader within his field.

Dr John has been perfecting his clinical skills over a period of 20 years with worldwide experience from countries such as India, the UK, South Africa, Portugal, Yemen and the UAE. Dr. John, who is also a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons and graduate of Orthopaedic Surgery from India, Sports Medicine Nottingham, UK and M.Ch.Orthopedic Surgery USA, later developed a specialist interest in minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, especially for ACL reconstruction, Shoulder reconstruction etc. Currently his patients benefit from his considerable knowledge and academic use of Regenerative Medicine/ Exosomes / Pluripotent Mesenchymal Stem Cells for tissue and joint repair.

Dr John currently practices in Transform Centre, a clinic he founded in 2012, where he has performed upward of 7600 surgeries. However, his considerable experience and expertise are frequently used worldwide in providing treatments to those in under privileged regions such as Africa. Giving back, teaching students, doctors and reaching out to those in need is of considerable importance to him.

Currently Dr John consults for 18 Football Clubs across the World and their National Rugby Team, part owns a football team in India, is an avid keep fit fan, tennis player and member of numerous sporting associations in the UK and India. Dr George John has presented research in various International Forums with titles including:
‘Neuromuscular Anomalies in Football,’
‘Bone & Cartilage Injury, Risks & Treatment in Football 'Nucleo-Magnetic Resonance Therapy, PRP, Exosomes, Stem Cells, And Lesions.’
‘Neuromuscular Anomalies in Football.’
‘Spinal Anomalies; Scoliosis, Spondylosis, Spondylitis, Risks, Diagnosis & Treatment, Newer Treated – Nucleo-Resonance Therapy’
In recent years, Dr John has focused his investigative efforts in to analysis of air pollution and its effect on performance and athletic adaptation in the area of Sports Medicine.

Dr John George
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